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A listing of all of the assists scored by Ryan O'Reilly
# Game Time Goal Scorer Goalie
1Season Nine, Day 204:53 - 3rdEric Staal (Sault Surge)Mike Smith (Chicago Expos)
2Season Nine, Day 503:26 - 2ndMarian Gaborik (Sault Surge)Martin Jones (Kansas City Blue Devils)
3Season Nine, Day 802:22 - 3rdJohn Carlson (Sault Surge)Thomas Greiss (Las Vegas Gamblers)
4Season Nine, Day 809:42 - 3rdMarian Gaborik (Sault Surge)Thomas Greiss (Las Vegas Gamblers)
5Season Nine, Day 2018:59 - 1stJoe Thornton (Sault Surge)Roberto Luongo (Michigan Sentinels)
6Season Nine, Day 2503:05 - 2ndSidney Crosby (Sault Surge)Josh Harding (Fort Walton Airmen)
7Season Nine, Day 2613:36 - 3rdRoman Josi (Sault Surge)Jonas Hiller (Seattle Totems)
8Season Nine, Day 2902:25 - 1stJohn Carlson (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (Atlanta Albatrosses)
9Season Nine, Day 4606:09 - 2ndSidney Crosby (Sault Surge)Braden Holtby (Atlanta Albatrosses)
10Season Nine, Day 5212:10 - 2ndMarian Gaborik (Sault Surge)Carey Price (Cape Breton Capers)
11Season Nine, Day 5919:21 - 3rdAlexander Edler (Sault Surge)Craig Anderson (Brampton Capitals)
12Season Nine, Day 6807:14 - 1stHenrik Zetterberg (Sault Surge)Martin Jones (Kansas City Blue Devils)
13Season Nine, Day 7203:24 - 3rdEric Staal (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (Atlanta Albatrosses)
14Season Nine, Day 7208:45 - 3rdJohn Carlson (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (Atlanta Albatrosses)
15Season Ten, Day 1613:57 - 1stRoman Josi (Sault Surge)Reto Berra (Minnesota Lumberjacks)
16Season Ten, Day 1603:21 - 2ndAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Reto Berra (Minnesota Lumberjacks)
17Season Ten, Day 2309:51 - 2ndRyan Suter (Sault Surge)Ryan Miller (Ottawa Abomosnow)
18Season Ten, Day 2309:32 - 3rdHenrik Zetterberg (Sault Surge)Jeff Zatkoff (Ottawa Abomosnow)
19Season Ten, Day 2406:44 - 1stAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Tuukka Rask (Toronto Highlanders)
20Season Ten, Day 4510:33 - 1stAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)John Gibson (New England Wolves)
21Season Ten, Day 4817:04 - 3rdRyan Suter (Sault Surge)Corey Crawford (Toronto Highlanders)
22Season Ten, Day 5609:29 - 1stAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Kansas City Blue Devils)
23Season Ten, Day 6109:15 - 1stAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Calvin Pickard (Fort Walton Airmen)
24Season Ten, Day 6614:29 - 3rdSidney Crosby (Sault Surge)Sergei Bobrovsky (Brampton Capitals)
25Season Ten, Day 6919:49 - 3rdAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Roberto Luongo (Michigan Sentinels)
26Season Ten, Day 7219:21 - 1stAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Calvin Pickard (Fort Walton Airmen)
27Season Ten, Day 7913:10 - 1stAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Roberto Luongo (Michigan Sentinels)
28Season Ten, Day 7916:04 - 2ndRyan Suter (Sault Surge)Roberto Luongo (Michigan Sentinels)
29Season Ten, Day 8001:32 - 2ndAndrew Ladd (Sault Surge)Henrik Lundqvist (New England Wolves)
30Season Eleven, Day 1005:35 - 2ndBrayden Schenn (Sault Surge)Eddie Lack (Kansas City Blue Devils)
31Season Eleven, Day 2306:54 - 1stJames Neal (Sault Surge)Braden Holtby (North Dakota Nighthawks)
32Season Eleven, Day 2607:55 - 1stEric Staal (Sault Surge)Marc-Andre Fleury (Fort Worth Fighting Squirrels)
33Season Eleven, Day 2618:49 - 1stAaron Ekblad (Sault Surge)Marc-Andre Fleury (Fort Worth Fighting Squirrels)
34Season Eleven, Day 2607:18 - 3rdJordan Staal (Sault Surge)Marc-Andre Fleury (Fort Worth Fighting Squirrels)
35Season Eleven, Day 4412:41 - 2ndJordan Staal (Sault Surge)Ryan Miller (Kansas City Blue Devils)
36Season Eleven, Day 4418:40 - 3rdBrent Seabrook (Sault Surge)Ryan Miller (Kansas City Blue Devils)
37Season Eleven, Day 5919:52 - 3rdJordan Staal (Sault Surge)Braden Holtby (North Dakota Nighthawks)
38Season Twelve, Day 401:34 - 4thBrayden Schenn (Sault Surge)John Gibson (Toronto Marlboros)
39Season Twelve, Day 619:03 - 2ndAaron Ekblad (Sault Surge)Pekka Rinne (Brampton Capitals)
40Season Twelve, Day 707:37 - 2ndPatrick Eaves (Sault Surge)Jonathan Quick (Portland Huskies)
41Season Twelve, Day 1912:35 - 1stJames Neal (Sault Surge)Tuukka Rask (Ottawa Valley Wolfhounds)
42Season Twelve, Day 3503:57 - 1stAaron Ekblad (Sault Surge)John Gibson (Toronto Marlboros)
43Season Twelve, Day 7413:25 - 2ndPatrick Eaves (Sault Surge)Roberto Luongo (Thunder Bay Kodiaks)
44Season Twelve, Day 7418:32 - 3rdJames Neal (Sault Surge)Roberto Luongo (Thunder Bay Kodiaks)
45Season Twelve, Day 11511:16 - 3rdAaron Ekblad (Sault Surge)Roberto Luongo (Thunder Bay Kodiaks)
46Season Twelve, Day 11603:43 - 1stJames Neal (Sault Surge)Carey Price (Cape Breton Capers)
47Season Thirteen, Day 1610:49 - 2ndSidney Crosby (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Brampton Capitals)
48Season Thirteen, Day 2104:34 - 3rdMark Giordano (Sault Surge)Jimmy Howard (Brampton Capitals)
49Season Thirteen, Day 2810:20 - 2ndMark Giordano (Sault Surge)Sergei Bobrovsky (Fort Worth Fighting Squirrels)
50Season Thirteen, Day 3919:13 - 2ndJohn Carlson (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (North Dakota Nighthawks)
51Season Thirteen, Day 3913:40 - 3rdBrayden Schenn (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (North Dakota Nighthawks)
52Season Thirteen, Day 5213:20 - 2ndNikolaj Ehlers (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Brampton Capitals)
53Season Thirteen, Day 5405:43 - 3rdEvgeni Dadonov (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (North Dakota Nighthawks)
54Season Thirteen, Day 6117:10 - 3rdAaron Ekblad (Sault Surge)John Gibson (Toronto Marlboros)
55Season Thirteen, Day 6302:02 - 3rdBrayden Schenn (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Brampton Capitals)
56Season Thirteen, Day 6819:53 - 3rdEvgeni Dadonov (Sault Surge)Connor Hellebuyck (Ottawa Valley Wolfhounds)
57Season Thirteen, Day 7913:24 - 3rdBrayden Schenn (Sault Surge)John Gibson (Toronto Marlboros)
58Season Thirteen, Day 8307:27 - 2ndBrayden Schenn (Sault Surge)Brian Elliott (Portland Huskies)
59Season Fourteen, Day 118:29 - 2ndTeuvo Teravainen (Sault Surge)Andrei Vasilevskiy (Cape Breton Capers)
60Season Fourteen, Day 1012:07 - 3rdMikko Rantanen (Sault Surge)Darcy Kuemper (Michigan Sentinels)
61Season Fourteen, Day 1015:13 - 3rdErik Gustafsson (Sault Surge)Darcy Kuemper (Michigan Sentinels)
62Season Fourteen, Day 1205:40 - 1stTeuvo Teravainen (Sault Surge)John Gibson (Toronto Marlboros)
63Season Fourteen, Day 1608:30 - 2ndMikko Rantanen (Sault Surge)Sergei Bobrovsky (Fort Worth Fighting Squirrels)
64Season Fourteen, Day 1911:47 - 1stErik Gustafsson (Sault Surge)Darcy Kuemper (Michigan Sentinels)
65Season Fourteen, Day 2312:37 - 1stErik Gustafsson (Sault Surge)Darcy Kuemper (Michigan Sentinels)
66Season Fourteen, Day 2901:55 - 2ndTeuvo Teravainen (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Brampton Capitals)
67Season Fourteen, Day 2906:02 - 3rdMikko Rantanen (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Brampton Capitals)
68Season Fourteen, Day 2910:53 - 3rdMikko Rantanen (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Brampton Capitals)
69Season Fourteen, Day 4009:41 - 1stMikko Rantanen (Sault Surge)Carey Price (Cape Breton Capers)
70Season Fourteen, Day 4011:11 - 1stPatrik Laine (Sault Surge)Carey Price (Cape Breton Capers)
71Season Fourteen, Day 4009:09 - 2ndErik Gustafsson (Sault Surge)Andrei Vasilevskiy (Cape Breton Capers)
72Season Fourteen, Day 4617:07 - 2ndTeuvo Teravainen (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (North Dakota Nighthawks)
73Season Fourteen, Day 5013:20 - 1stErik Gustafsson (Sault Surge)Semyon Varlamov (Brampton Capitals)
74Season Fourteen, Day 5118:59 - 1stMikko Rantanen (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (North Dakota Nighthawks)
75Season Fourteen, Day 5414:32 - 1stErik Gustafsson (Sault Surge)John Gibson (Toronto Marlboros)
76Season Fourteen, Day 6201:26 - 1stMikko Rantanen (Sault Surge)Devan Dubnyk (North Dakota Nighthawks)
77Season Fourteen, Day 6305:20 - 1stTeuvo Teravainen (Sault Surge)Jacob Markstrom (Thunder Bay Kodiaks)
78Season Fourteen, Day 6908:55 - 1stAaron Ekblad (Sault Surge)Carey Price (Cape Breton Capers)
79Season Fourteen, Day 7510:34 - 3rdBrad Marchand (Sault Surge)Matt Murray (Michigan Sentinels)
80Season Fourteen, Day 7514:02 - 3rdJohn Carlson (Sault Surge)Matt Murray (Michigan Sentinels)
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