Brad Marchand Game-Winning Goals

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A listing of all of the game-winning goals scored by Brad Marchand
# Game Scored Time Scored Goalie
1Season Eight, Day 311:54 - 2ndJimmy Howard (Kelowna Kodiaks)
2Season Eight, Day 908:44 - 2ndChad Johnson (New England Wolves)
3Season Nine, Day 5403:42 - 1stDevan Dubnyk (Atlanta Albatrosses)
4Season Nine, Day 5607:24 - 3rdAlex Stalock (New England Wolves)
5Season Ten, Day 9007:54 - 3rdCalvin Pickard (Fort Walton Airmen)
6Season Eleven, Day 716:58 - 2ndMarc-Andre Fleury (Fort Worth Fighting Squirrels)
7Season Eleven, Day 4212:59 - 2ndCam Ward (Michigan Sentinels)
8Season Eleven, Day 9316:21 - 3rdMarc-Andre Fleury (Fort Worth Fighting Squirrels)
9Season Twelve, Day 2307:39 - 1stPekka Rinne (Brampton Capitals)
10Season Twelve, Day 8415:27 - 2ndRoberto Luongo (Thunder Bay Kodiaks)
11Season Twelve, Day 8700:49 - 2ndCarey Price (Cape Breton Capers)
12Season Thirteen, Day 5911:01 - 3rdTuukka Rask (Ottawa Valley Wolfhounds)
13Season Thirteen, Day 7300:21 - 1stBrian Elliott (Portland Huskies)
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