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If you are interested in joining the National Simulated Hockey League, first make sure that you have read and understand our league rules.

Prospective GMs in the waiting list will be contacted in the order that they were added to the list when a team becomes available. Prospective GMs may move up in the waiting list by being sponsored by existing GMs. We do this to create a more stable league, as an incoming GM with friends already in the league is less likely to quickly leave.

You must have a account to join the NSHL. If you already have one, please log in. If you do not have one, feel free to create an account.

NSHL Waiting List

The league waiting list
Name Joined List Sponsors
Kyle February 7, 2022 0
fiz June 18, 2022 0
eduat555 June 21, 2022 0
KlaydouPiZZA October 23, 2022 0
Sam Wright February 4, 2023 0
Vinnyb February 4, 2023 0
KmaddFPS August 5, 2023 0
Robert Marchand March 20, 2024 0
National Simulated Hockey League